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Sept. 2021...Praise the Lord for the Cooperative Program

Southern Baptists have a large missionary force of over 6,700 missionaries serving around the world.  This is made possible because of the Cooperative Program.  Pooling our resources keeps the waters of baptism stirred.  Our missionaries are organzied into two mission fields.  The North American Mission Board is responsible for sharing Christ in the United States, Canada, US Territories, Puerto Rico, Guam Samoa, etc.  They do this through church planting and compassion missions - food, disaster relief, and ministry centers.  In these fields there are 366 million people composed of 350 language groups.  275 million are lost, destined for hell unless they turn to God.  They have 3,000 missionaries and church planters serving the home front.

The International Mission Board has responsibilty for the rest of the world.  They serve 7,125 billion people in eight defined regions.  There are 11,732 defined people groups.  3,057 are unreached, meaning they have no believers in their people groups.  That is 3.5% of the world that does not have any believers in their culture.  We have over 3,700 missionaries serving in every country of the world.  You financially support the NAMB and IMB by giving to your church.  A portion of that money goes to the Cooperative Program.  These 6,700 missionaries are your missionaries, supported by your church.  The Cooperative Program makes it possible for even the smallest church to be involved in missions in a big way.

Additionally, two mission offerings are taken every year.  The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) for World Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO) for Home Missions.  Every penny given by these two offerings goes straight to the field.  No administration costs are deducted.

You can partner in reaching the ends of the earth by giving your tithe to your church by making a designated gift to either LMCO or AAEO.  You can partner by praying for our missionaries and their work and you can partner by going on short term or life commitment mission trips.