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Sampson Resources & Publishing

Sampson Resources & Publishing


The Association has provided an Online Streaming Training Resource for your church.  You simply log on at; select the resource you want to use; enter your password supplied by the Association; and follow the directions to use the resources.  Study books are also available at a reduced price, and video rentals are paid for by the Association.  Here is a list of topics provided:

Bible Prophecy (1)                                   
Deacons (3)
Discipleship (12)                                       
Marriage (3)
Mens (5)                                                 
Parenting (7)
Prayer (2)                                               
Preschool/Children (2)
Students (1)                                           
Sunday School (10)
Womens (10)                                                                                

Please visit the website to see a full list.

For more information contact Harry Watson (702-732-4171).  Contact either Harry or Debbie to get your church password.