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Discipleship Training



The International Commission’s mission is to equip Christians around the world to fulfill the commandment to and make disciples.  They have held events in Clark County twice before and are planning a third event on December 9-16, 2023.

  • They recruit churches to send teams that will work on evangelism and discipleship alongside local churches.
  • They train participants at a Preparatory Retreat before each project.
  • They develop material for preparation, evangelism, and discipleship.
  • They equip locals to do relational evangelism projects.

There are three phrases to their project.  Prayer, Preparation (45%), Evangelistic Visitation (10%) and On-Going Discipleship (45%).

  • They use Operation Andrew in prayer preparation.
  • They require all participating churches to attend the Preparation Retreat.
  • Home evangelistic visitation is the key to success. This is well orchestrated with locals and outside help.
  • The week of the event begins with an Opening Rally followed by the Visitation stage concluding with a Victory Rally.
  • The final stage is the Ongoing Discipleship Stage.

An informational training event will be June 24th at First Baptist Church, 4400 W. Oakey Blvd., LV 89102, from 9am – 12pm.  Two conferences, first two phases of the crusade:

  1. Preparation – prayer, vigils, planning, and organizing.
  2. Execution – home evangelistic visitation, church revivals every night throughout the week.

12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch
1:10pm – 2:00pm Third Conference

  1. Follow up – discipleship stage.

This event is for both English and Spanish churches.  In the two previous events held in Clark County hundreds of people were saved.  We are anticipating a great harvest event.