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May 2023...


Statistics reported by LifeWay show that Americans have a positive view of Vacation Bible School (VBS).  Six out of every 10 adults attended VBS as a child.  That is 60% of Americans.  Of those that attended VBS, 9 our 10 have positive memories of VBS.  For 805 of those who attended VBS say tha tVBS was a highlight of their childhood.  As for me, it was my exposure to the gospel and produced a life long relationship with Jesus.

80% of those attending church one or more times per month believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith.  The Great Commission commands us to share our faith.  69% of Americans would encourage their child to attend VBS at a church they don’t attend, if their child was personally invited by a friend.  So we are personally responsible for sharing our faith!  A good place to state is VBS.  It is the trusted program to introduce to Jesus.

Let me encourage you to schedule a VBS for your church this summer.  In 2018, 42 Southern Nevada churches reported a VBS.  By 2022 this number had dwindled to 27.  Let’s reverse the trend.  Let’s see if we can’t get a least 50 churches to offer VBS in 2023.

To help you provide this needed resource to your community, our Association of churches if offering training for your entire VBS team.

Hope to see you there!