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June 2023...


Many years ago, I was a part of a movement called the “Super Spiral”.  We were 144 churches across the denomination who were determined to change the world.  We believed that under the power of God the churches could reach the nation and the world.  We made a difference.  Thousands of people were baptized.  It was exciting and those of us who experienced it will never be the same.  The “Spiral” was based upon “Flakes Formula”.

The” Super Spiral” was based upon sound churchmanship.  Prospecting for people who needed the Lord meant that we needed one prospect for each person enrolled in our church, a kind of early “Whose Your One”.  Discipleship was next.  Every member was enrolled in bible study.  Every bible study leader was expected to be participating in a discipling program themselves.  Well, I could go into detail but enough said, it was intense.  Here are some rules of thumb.  First, there was one person responsible to care for every 10 enrollees, kind of biblical.  If a person missed attending twice, they received a home visit or at least a telephone call from their caregiver.  Home visits were made to prospects to get them on a list with a caregiver so they would receive spiritual care.

The key to success of this “program” was the importance of the individual.  Each person had somebody who was trained in caring to watch over them.  Nobody was left out.

Church is about being the of Christ.  People judge God by how well His body takes care of them. People matter.  We are to be trained-up disciples who use our skills to show love to those in our care.  Who are you loving in Jesus’ name?