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September 2022...TRANSITIONS


Over the last 26 years our association has seen many transitions.  We have been through 5 long range planning processes, each time it resulted in major adjustments in our daily work.  We have increased and decreased in staff as our strategies changed.  We have emphasized church planting, church health and evangelism through it all.  We always did traditional church planting, cultural church planting, language church planting and so on.  We did evangelism at the County Fair, at the Raceway, supported block parties, major outreach events and youth events.  We always supported healthy churches.  We changed emphasis to meet current needs.  Transition has always been hard, but it is always a part of our lives.

Over the last 26 years Debbie Udart has been a constant.  Always adapting to new strategies, new assignments, and change.  Our next transition is that Bill and Debbie Udart are moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Debbie has been a key coomponent of the success of the association.  She is a friend, sounding board, and encourager to me.  She is the rock I have counted on to get it done when there was more to do than time allowed.  She will continue serving us only remotely.  Her role will change somewhat, but she will still be a part of our success.  We will miss the daily fellowship but we will still be serving together.

I want to say publicly, Thank you, to Debbie for the years of your life devoted to serve our Lord through this association.  Thank you for your friendship, serving as a faithful colleague to see that the gospel is proclaimed throughout Southern Nevada.  Thank you especially for being there when the times were rough and we were unsure of the future.  I could recount the events, ministries, and jobs done but sufficient to say, you have been faithful to me, to our association and to the Lord.

God bless you and Bill in your new home.