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March 2023...


On February 14th Baptist Press reported:

“Wednesday, February 8th, Asbury College had a chapel service. Chapel is a pretty ordinary experience at a Christian University. What is extraordinary is that the worship time began on February 8th is still going on as I write this on February 13th.”

Their spontaneous prayer and worship among the student body at an Ohio Christian College is reported by The Christian Post. President Thomas White of Cedarville University said an outpouring began during chapel on Monday when during an opening song, “without an altar call or invitation of any kind, we had some students who began to come forward and pray. . . . before chapel was over, there was an altar full of students just praying and some were weeping, others were hugging one another.” White said, “Chapel just continued.” Then at the 8 pm prayer meeting there was a similar experience. Then on Tuesday chapel the same thing. On Wednesday students who felt called to do so went to other schools in the area to evangelize.

Again, the University of the Cumberlands is experiencing spontaneous worship and prayer. All of these are expressions of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Is it the start of a world-wide revival? Time will tell. It is a revival for those involved. These thousands of students are experiencing revival. Wouldn’t it be nice if revival would spread to Nevada? Maybe it will, if we all pray “Lord send a revival and let it begin with me.”