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May, 2021...Remember the Bottom Line

We as Southern Baptist have been declining in baptisms since 2000, reaching a low 235,000 this year. The lowest number since 1939. The task is too important to allow this trend to continue. We must . . .


People who do not know Jesus are already  condemned to hell.  This is fact that many Christians have forgotten. Jesus expects us to be witnesses.  He commanded that we should be witnesses.  We must learn to present the good news of forgiveness and salvation to a lost person in such a way that he accepts salvation.  We must learn that it is not good to just present salvation, we must present it so that the person is saved.

Saved people need to be trained in Christlikeness.  Acts 3:19 says repent your sins that they may be wiped out, turn to God that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.  This is a liberal paraphrase, but the point is this.  It is wonderful to be saved, to have your sins forgiven and walking with the Lord is to experience the ever abiding presence of our Lord.  A saved person needs to turn to God in fellowship, in study and in service.  We need to teach new Christians how to be a Christian.  How to achieve fellowship with God through a quiet time, praise, worship and prayer.  Every saved person should be trained to share the good news of forgiveness and salvation to a lost person in such a way that the person accepts Christ.

You see God’s plan is simple.  He chose to use men as his agents to save the world.  He expects a saved person to lead a lost person to accept Christ.  This previously lost person grows in Christlikeness so he can lead a lost person to Jesus.  We would then have two soldiers.  Then eight, then 16, etc., until the whole world would know our Lord.

Now back to the bottomline.  People without Jesus are already condemned to hell.  There is no way we can bring enough outsiders to Las Vegas to win our town, it is up to us! 


  • NAMB offers great support for soul-winning training
  • They offer 4 FREE kits for 4 different trainings. They are all good material. 
  • The 4 kits are:  Who’s Your One, 3 Circles, The Best News, & Live This.

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