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August, 2021

I just finished reading a most challenging book, We Will Not Be Silenced by Erwin W. Lutzer.  The final chapter has three resolves for us to make.  "Be resolved to be gospel-driven in your life and witness." (Pg. 248)

My 19 year old grandson just made a commitment to Jesus.  It changed him completely; he was born again.  He is a new person, old things have passed away and every thing is new.  He proceeded to tell all his friends about Jesue.  He boldly called them up and told them about Jesus.  Several of his friends made a commitment to Jesus because of his testimony.

What a change.  Nobody told him he needed to be a witness, he just couldn't contain himself.  He wanted his friends to know the forgiveness, joy, peace, and the freedom he now has.  The gospel needs to consume our life.  It needs to be in our conversation and our life needs to reflect the new person you have become.

The second resolve is "Be resolved that you will not bow to the cultures sexual revolution." (Pg. 250)  The book talks about the current move to normalize deviant sexual behavior.  There is a norm.  The Bible defines how sex is to be understood.

There are only two genders, there is a standard for adult behavior.  We need a reality check.

Our silence is seen as acceptance.  The gospel is for every person. All people are welcomed in the church.  However, welcoming the sinner does not normalize sin.  All should be called to repentance.  Welcome them, preach the gospel, and recognize sin. We should not call sin normal or embrace it.  We must keep the Biblical standard.

The third resolution is, "Be resolved to love Me (Jesus) passionately and suffer well for My (Jesus) name." (Pg. 257)  "If you love me, you will keep my commandments." (John 14:15)  We show our love for Jesus by our conduct.  Do not love the things of this world.  It is too easy to fall into the trap of just going along to get along.  We should stand for something, and that something is righteousness.

We are to preach gospel by our words and our actions.  We are to care for the needy because we are a new person in Christ.  We are to do what is right in God's eyes.  We need to wake up, stand up, and live for Jesus.